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A real estate object is one of our most valuable assets. It is therefore even more important to find a trustworthy partner for the sale who can combine profound knowledge of the market with a large network of customers. But personal contacts are often not enough if you want to obtain the best possible price. Therefore, we at the David Borck Real Estate Company believe that every piece of real property must be marketed in the most sophisticated way. For this purpose, we rely on an individually coordinated advertising mix – from top placements on ImmobilienScout24 to an elaborately produced video. Success seems to prove us right: approximately 70 percent of our contracts are based on recommendations of satisfied customers. If you want to be part of it, we are looking forward to your call.

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Berlin - Zehlendorf
Sold IN 86 Days
How we have
marketed the object.

Building inspection

19 July.
We inspect the building. Using current market data and experience values, we determine a purchase price that almost matches the asking price of the seller. We also present a marketing strategy. We are awarded an exclusive contract for six months.

Sales brochure

23 July.
Our photographer takes pictures. We prepare a sales brochure which is subsequently presented to the owner for approval. We also order a sales sign to be posted in front of the building.

Start of sales

24 July.
We send the sales brochure to 483 pre­selected customers by e­mail and book premium placements on important real estate portals. We furthermore advertise the object with Google Adwords ads, on our web site and in selected daily papers.

Inspection dates

29 July to 8 September.
We receive a total of 42 inquiries. We inspect the representative villa from the 1930s with seven serious prospective buyers. We combine the inspection dates because the seller has very limited time due to his professional obligations.

Reservation agreement

10 to 12 September.
After specific discussions about the processing of the sale, one interested party intends to buy the house. The offered price meets the asked price of the seller. A reservation agreement is signed.

Purchase agreement

16 to 18 September.
The notary of the buyer prepares the purchase agreement and sends it to all parties involved. He then incorporates requested amendments. We coordinate the notary appointment and clarify open questions on the part of the buyer.

Object inspection

2 October.
The architect of the buyer inspects the villa and they discuss possible reconstruction measures. The expert from the financing bank also inspects the building.


17 October.
The notary notarizes the sale. Buyer and seller agree on a date for the hand-over of keys. Since the buyer pays the price predominantly from own resources, the hand­over is carried out as early as six weeks later.
Overview of the most important facts

The Object

Single­-family home
7 rooms
270 m2

Who was the buyer?

1 owner-occupier

How many inquiries
did we receive until closing?

  • 1. Week18
  • 2. Week6
  • 3. Week8
  • Total42

How did we reach
the prospective buyers?

  • Website11,91 %
  • ImmobilienScout2435,72 %
  • Immonet9,52 %
  • Immowelt4,76 %
  • Customer file23,81 %
  • Newspaper advertisements4,76 %
  • Sign9,52 %


Berlin - Wilmersdorf
Sold IN 64 Days
How we have
marketed the object.

Sales preparations

15 March.
We inspect the art nouveau apartment together with the seller in order to establish a purchase price. We discuss the details of the sales procedure and decide upon the marketing strategy. In order to ensure speedy processing of the sale, the seller requests broad distribution of the offer.

Awarding of the contract

18 March.
The seller awards us a qualified exclusive contract for four months. In the following week, we have the apartment photographed and prepare a sales brochure which we submit to the seller for approval.

Start of sales

1 April to 12 May.
Start of sales: we send the sales brochure by e­mail to 824 pre-selected customers, post it on our web site, book premium placements on real estate portals and take out advertisements on Google and in selected daily papers. We place a sales sign on the balcony.


6 April to 17 May.
We contact a total of 47 prospective buyers by telephone and e-­mail. We select those who show serious interest in a purchase. Eight inspections take place within the following six weeks, all coordinated by us.


18 to 20 May.
Following extended discussions, one prospective buyer shows serious interest in a purchase and makes an offer. We mediate a re­-negotiation. The buyer and the seller then agree upon a price.

Purchase agreement

23 May.
The notary of the buyer prepares a bi­lingual purchase agreement since the seller speaks only English. It is sent to all parties involved. The notary incorporates the requested amendments. We organize an interpreter.


3 June.
Only 63 days after the start of the sale, buyer, seller and interpreter meet at the notary's office. The purchase agreement is notarized. The payment is received only a few weeks later. Following this, the apartment is handed over.

Moving in

1 July.
Hardly one month later, the new owner and his family move into the apartment on Schaperstraße. The seller moves into a house in the country. He had commissioned us with finding it in parallel to the sale.
Overview of the most important facts

The object

6.5 rooms
213 m2

Who was the buyer?

1 owner-occupier

How many inquiries
did we receive until closing?

  • 1. Week16
  • 2. Week9
  • 3. Week8
  • 4. Week5
  • 5. Week5
  • 6. Week4
  • Total47

How did the
prospective buyers
learn about the object?

  • Website12,77 %
  • Customer file27,66 %
  • Newspaper Advertising6,38 %
  • Sign4,25 %
  • ImmobilienScout2434,04 %
  • Immonet10,64 %
  • Immowelt4,26 %
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